About Us!Hey babe, I'm Cassie!

Over the last 4 years in the boutique industry, my dream has evolved into what it is now, Three Hippie Sisters. Here, we aren't perfect, but we love all things tie dye, nature, and simplicity. We are a community of women who love comfortable clothing, nature, and empowering others.

We strongly believe that there is strength in sisterhood; and we bond over our love for plants, animals, food & drinks, and Netflix. I also love macrame projects. 

I am a mom of three, a wife, and the oldest sister of three. Three Hippie Sisters represents me and my two sisters, Sally and Emily. While Sally has passed on to the heavens, Emily is still here on Earth rocking the half hippie life with me.

I hope you enjoy our curated collections and find something to love. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me with any questions!

Thank you for being here and for supporting my dream of working at home with my babies.

XOXO, Cassie

xoxo, Cassie